Solar Ritual - Demo

by Asfixia

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Salve povo! Eis nossa mais nova demo, da música Solar Ritual, que estará no nosso álbum, Tormenta! O som tá bem nervoso, meio diferente do que estávamos fazendo nas últimas músicas. Esperamos que explodam seus ouvidos com ela! Valeu! \m/
Hey guys! Here's our new demo, Solar Ritual, which'll be in our first album, Tormenta! We hope you enjoy it and explode your fuckin' ears while listening to it! \m/


It's time to fucking SHINE

Bringing all the sinners to the massive flame
Ring the bell for it's time to pray
Mother, cleanse the air, and enlighten their minds
Blaze them until they die

BURN - bring us light and warmth and order
Their DENIAL, of the spirit of the flame, now they face their Apocalypse

When I get to the mass
Watch the death of the scourge
Whit their cries, tears of fading hope
They vaporize to our holy Sun

Oh, we are going to enjoy your pain
Cherish your hysteria as you slowly disappear
Moving your souls to the fires our One

Victory, death or worse!
The flames will lick your face as you look in horror
Face your death, they singe your skin
Skin skin skin skin skin skin skin
Now you die for our God


For this shit
You'll never see the light again
They killed your family
Your soul will be gone, you be another fucking vitctim of their Final Law
And it's freezing, and it burns
You loose your senses
You just don't know

Dancing with the Fire
It feels terrible
That's why they chose you
For their Solar Ritual
Now you fucking crash and burn


released November 16, 2016
João Paulo (JP) G. de Campos - Composição instrumental - produção, mixagem, masterização
Vitor Miyai - Composição instrumental
Henrique Rizzo - Letra
Campos, Rizzo, Miyai, Puche - performance



all rights reserved


Asfixia Campinas, Brazil

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